The clever new way you can support local producers

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    We’re always delighted to find new ways in which we can support local and small-scale growers, producers and suppliers. This week, we stumbled upon NeighbourFood, an initiative that helps connect consumers with local producers by bringing farmers’ markets online.

    The premise is simple. Find your local market on the NeighbourFood website and choose from a wide range of local produce including fruit and vegetables, bread, pastries, cheese, meat, beers and more. When you’re happy with the items in your basket, complete your purchase online. Each week, you can then collect your order at a local venue.

    In addition to making it easier to buy top-quality foods from real people in your area, they also have some admirable rules when it comes to keeping that produce fresh, Irish and sustainable:

    “All of the products listed in a NeighbourFood market are grown or produced by local farmers or artisan producers. The sale of any large-scale commercially grown vegetables, non-organic imported fruit or vegetables, genetically modified products, intensively reared meat, imported fish or battery eggs are not permitted to be sold at a NeighbourFood market. Imported organic fruit and vegetables may not be sold when the same organic produce is in season in your area. Artisan foods from abroad, which are not freely available in your area, may be sold on account that these products are sourced from small importers with sustainable business practices.”

    More details in the video below and at Will you be checking them out?