The clever new cookbook that reduces your cancer risk

    The Anti-Cancer Cookbook Easy Food

    Georgina Campbell, Derval O’Rourke and Neven Maguire are just some of the culinary contributors to a new healthy eating cookbook, The Anti-Cancer Cookbook: Recipes to reduce your cancer risk, written by two of Ireland’s leading dietitians and cancer experts from University College Cork (UCC).

    The Anti-Cancer Cookbook: Recipes to reduce your cancer risk was written and compiled by leading registered Irish dietitians. Dr Aoife Ryan is a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at UCC, while Dr Éadaoin Ní Bhuachalla is a UCC PhD graduate and HSE Senior Primary Care Dietitian. Together, they aim to counteract the “rising tide of misinformation on cancer and nutrition” that now circulates widely. They partnered with Breakthrough Cancer Research to create the book as a ‘go to’ evidence-based resource for people who want to cook and consume healthier food to lower their risk of cancer.

    In accomplishing this, they have created this evidence-based cookbook that can help you to reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease while also cutting through the misinformation on cancer and nutrition. The recipes are suitable for all of the family, and are also suitable for cancer survivors.

    The Anti-Cancer Cookbook Easy Food

    Cancer remains the number one cause of death in Ireland and is the second leading cause of death globally. The number of new cases of cancer is expected to rise from 18 million globally in 2018, to 30 million by 2040. Dr. Ryan says evidence-based health advice for cancer prevention is therefore invaluable, as around four in 10 cancers could be prevented.

    Leading Irish chef and author Neven Maguire has supported the book’s publication, saying, “Since losing my mum to cancer and becoming a dad to my beautiful twins, I have a new appreciation of health and nutrition. It is so important to recognise that eating well really helps our overall wellbeing [and] our mental health and can help prevent cancer.”

    The Anti-Cancer Cookbook has been endorsed by the Irish Society of Medical Oncology, the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute and the National Cancer Control Programme in Ireland and is supported by the World Cancer Research Fund which has established that approximately 40% of cancers are preventable through maintaining a healthy body weight, eating a healthy diet, and being physically active.

    Professor John Crown, Consultant Medical Oncologist at St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, said, “The authors of this book outline the impact of diet, and provide sensible, data-based advice on how to reduce our cancer risk without taking all the pleasure out of eating, by following simple, realistic and very achievable recommendations. The scientific validity of their recommendations is rivalled only by the healthy, tasty recipes which they include.”

    The book is now available and priced at €25.