The best Christmas Advent calendars to look out for!


    You don’t need an Advent calendar to know that Christmas is coming, but there’s something oddly thrilling about opening the little numbered doors each morning to reveal a tasty treat, that we can definitely get behind!

    If you’re for whatever reason, looking for a chocolate alternative (blasphemous, we know), or simply looking to switch things up, then luckily there are plenty of options out there. We’ve done the research and compiled some of what we think are the best Christmas Advent calendars on the market this festive season. No matter your preference or price-point, there’s something for everyone!

    Aldi Advent Calendars Easy Food
    Aldi’s Advent calendar range is available in stores from November 3rd

    If you appreciate a nice, crisp glass of wine in the evenings leading up to Christmas, then you’ll love the wine Advent calendars which are returning to Aldi this year. Each of the 24 doors open to reveal a mini bottle of 12 white, 6 red, rosé or 6 sparkling wines. “It’s fun, a bit indulgent and best of all, might expand your wine horizons,” said Aldi’s Wine Expert, Tom Doorley. This over 18s, alcoholic calendar retails for €69.99.

    Looking for a healthier, child-friendly alternative? Aldi are selling a Disney Christmas Advent Book for €12.99, which includes 24 fun, mini-books from the Disney storybook collection, and is suitable for ages 6-9. Or you could choose one of their traditional wooden Advent calendars, with 24 individual drawers to fill with your choice of festive treats, so that you have complete control over what your child will be opening every day. All of Aldi’s Advent calendars will go on sale in 139 stores nationwide from Sunday, 3rd November while stocks last.


    Debenhams advent calendars Easy Food
    Go to or visit one of their stores to purchase your speciality Advent calendar today!

    If you’re looking for something extra unique, then Debenhams are killing it on the Advent calendar front. Want so start every day by enjoying a different breakfast cereal? No problem — their Kellogg’s 12 Days of cereal Advent and bowl set retails for €25. Looking for more of a drinkable alternative? Sorted — their English tea shop Advent calendar includes 24 premium organic tea bags to keep you warm this holiday season. Or if you’re looking for a sweeter option, their 24 Days of Hot Chocolate Advent calendar is on sale for €22. What could be better than curling up beside the fire and enjoying the twinkling of the Christmas tree lights each night, while enjoying a delicious mug of hot chocolate in an assortment of flavours ranging from orange to caramel and from coffee to chilli —delish!

    We love how many obscure, savoury options are out there now too, like the Debenhams Chilli Sauce Advent Calendar, catering to the true spice fans; or the Joe & Seph’s gourmet popcorn Advent calendar, to keep you company while you’re watching all of those cosy Christmas movies!

    Now for the calendar you’ve all been waiting for. The hugely successful cheese Advent calendar of dreams! Last year this calendar was the best selling advent calendar in UK supermarkets, and this year its back and better then ever. The Illchester cheese Advent calendar includes 24 delicious cheeses, of 8 different variants. It’s said to be available in Lidl stores nationwide from October 28th, and costs only €8.99 — a bargain and a perfect gift for cheese-lovers everywhere!