Tayto launch two new flavours to celebrate being Irish

    Tayto's two new flavours
    Tayto's two new flavours, PHOTO: Facebook

    St Patrick’s Day is around the corner which means all over Ireland everyone will show how proudly Irish one really can be.

    But between all the shamrocks, Leprechauns and tri-coloured flags, there is one thing we’re very excited about: Tayto’s two new limited-edition flavoured crisps!

    Yes, you read that right. TWO limited edition flavours – which are “original Irish favourites”!

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    The “Bacon & Cabbage” and “Beef Stew” flavours promise to be “like mammy’s dinners but in a crisp”, according to Tayto’s tweet.

    These two flavours follow in the footsteps of limited flavours like the hot wings, curry chip and spice bag editions from before.

    Be on the lookout for these two flavours. Because if you pair them with a few pints of the black stuff, we think you’re as ready as can be for Paddy’s Day!

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