Tasty ways to make your weekend BBQ extra special

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    With the long weekend looming, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will be good enough for some al fresco fare. Read on for some of our favourite ways to create your best-ever barbecue…


    Sausage dogs

    Is it even an Irish barbecue without a few pork sausages? NO. No it is not. Whether you like ‘em simple and straightforward or you’re feeling a little bit fancy, you’ll find a new fave below. First, why not give yourself a refresher course on the basics with this handy guide to cooking those dogs to perfection? Keep things simple with mustard, ketchup, peppers and onions, or try one of our tasty twists below.

    Sweetness is a fantastic match for pork, and these hoisin sausage dogs with pineapple salsa will give you some serious tropical vibes.

    Hoisin_Hot_Dog-edited Easy Food
    Sweet, sticky and savoury, these hoisin dogs are a clever spin on the classic.

    If you’re really out to impress, take your tastebuds on a trip to Vietnam with this fresh and flavoursome bánh-mì inspired option.

    Banh mi sausage dogs Easy Food

    A homemade onion relish adds a hint of luxury to these simple herby sausage dogs.

    Herby hot dogs Easy Food
    Homemade onion relish paired with herby sausages: a match made in heaven.


    Another staple of the Irish barbecue scene, you just can’t beat a well-made burger with that perfect char. Make your best burgers every time with these top tips, or follow the link below for our favourite-ever BBQ cheeseburgers.

    turkey burger with stout caramelised onion and brie

    For those looking for a veggie option, Halloumi is delicious cooked on the barbecue and makes a hearty meat-free burger. Check out these crowd-pleasing peri peri Halloumi burgers with a refreshing corn side salad.

    peri peri halloumi burger with corn salad

    In the mood for something a little different? Try making mini burger patties and serving on pittas with hummus, Feta and a Mediterranean-style salad.

    Mediterranean steak patty pittas | Easy Food
    These fresh flavours make for deeply delicious casual dining.

    If, like us, you like some homemade slaw on your burger (or just on the side), you’ll find our best basic recipe here.



    Who knows why cooking food on sticks is so appealing, but it stretches across so many cultures that it’s practically universal.

    Whether they’re the star of the show or a clever way to include veggies as a side dish, these vegetable skewers are a colourful addition to your al fresco spread.

    Veggie skewers Easy Food
    Eat the rainbow!

    These beef skewers make clever use of a sweet and salty marinade to add tenderness and flavour.

    Marinated_Beef_Skewers Easy Food
    You won’t believe how simple it is to make this marinade.

    Pairing juicy prawns with spicy chorizo, sweet pineapple and veggies, these skewers are exactly what your barbecue needs.

    Prawn and chorizo skewers | Easy Food
    The sweet and sticky glaze on these skewers makes them impossible to resist.


    Other ideas

    Spatchcocking a whole chicken means it cooks more quickly and more evenly. This peri peri version will have everyone salivating.

    Barbecue BBQ peri peri chicken Easy Food
    It’s worth firing up the barbecue for this baby alone.

    Looking for the perfect side dish for that mouthwatering chicken? It’s this Mexican street corn. You’re welcome.

    Mexican street corn on the cob Easy Food
    Creamy, spicy, sweet and salty — the best-ever barbecue side?

    A light and fresh charred courgette and Feta salad forms the ideal foil for these tasty barbecued lamb chops.

    Barbecued lamb chops with courgette and Feta | Easy Food
    A real taste of summer.


    Make a menu

    Why not create a complete menu for your barbecue? Try one of ours, including drinks, desserts and sides alongside the main events.

    The Mexican barbecue | Easy Food
    The Mexican barbecue: did someone say margaritas?


    Sweet treats

    Never underestimate the mass appeal of barbecued summer fruits. This pineapple dessert needs just three ingredients and is sure to spark smiles around the table.

    Grilled pineapple Easy Food
    Barbecued pineapple with ice cream is your new fave three-ingredient dessert.

    Keep things simple with these grilled peaches, brightened with lime juice, or enjoy the well-balanced flavours in these barbecued plums with balsamic, Mascarpone and thyme.

    BBQ plums Easy Food
    A more unusual summer dessert that will have everyone talking.


    One for the road…

    It may have hit peak trendiness last summer, but we still reckon the Aperol spritz is quite possibly the best summer drink you could choose: quick and easy to make and requiring just three ingredients.

    Aperol spritz Easy Food
    Dangerously refreshing!


    What will you be throwing on the barbecue this bank holiday? Keep us posted on our social media — we love to see what you’re cooking!