Tackle the delicious new ‘j.lowe burger’ at GBK

    ackle the delicious new ‘j.lowe burger
    Tackle the delicious new J. Lowe Burger at GBK

    Line out for the new J Lowe Burger created by Irish Rugby player James Lowe, exclusively to GBK, home of Leinster’s best burgers.

    The ‘J.Lowe Burger’ is made from 100% Irish Beef, Chargrilled and seasoned using GBK’s signature seasoning. It’s topped with Crispy Bacon, Gherkins, Mature Irish Cheddar, Salad and relish, and presented on a perfectly toasted brioche bun.

    The bespoke burger is topped with two juicy chicken wings and served with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (€14.99 in total for the meal deal)

    Irish Rugby player James Lowe is busy tackling his new role as Brand Ambassador for Gourmet Burger Kitchen head on, has created his very own ‘J.Lowe Burger’ exclusive to GBK restaurants. Made from 100% Irish Beef, seasoned with the signature GBK seasoning and topped with Crispy Bacon, Irish Mature Cheddar, Salad, Gherkins and crowned with two chicken wings, this burger is definitely one you have to TRY!  

    J. Lowe Burger at GBK
    James Lowe at GBK

    Winger James Lowe couldn’t resist and added the two tasty Chicken Wings on top so all cravings are catered for here! Post-game, James loves nothing more than a cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and this joins the “J Lowe” meal deal at GBK.  

    Both James and the concept of gourmet burgers hail from New Zealand so James jumped at the chance of joining the team at GBK. A passionate cook himself, he joined the head chef at GBK and came up with this winning formula on a plate.  

    Kitted out in his GBK apron and with the help of the team at GBK, James Lowe created his signature burger that he calls, ‘The Burger Meal of Champions’. When asked how he feels about his new culinary adventure he said, “I have always been a great fan of GBK and when they asked me to create my own burger.. well, I jumped at it!”    

    Why not get your squad down to Gourmet Burger Kitchen and tackle the J.Lowe Burger Special! 


    Back in 2001, three guys from New Zealand along with world-renowned chef Peter Gordon established the first Gourmet Burger Kitchen, changing the burger scene forever. Affectionately known as “GBK” in many food circles, it was first launched in Ireland in 2001. GBK now has 4 restaurants across Leinster, (South William Street, South Anne Street, Temple Bar and Liffey Valley).  

    GBK still prides itself on serving up a variety of handcrafted chargrilled burgers, combining 100% Irish prime beef with the freshest ingredients and burger sauces made from scratch, every day, in each Gourmet Burger Kitchen.   

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