Sarah Jessica Parker and INVIVO & Co release wine virtually

    Sarah Jessica Parker and INVIVO & Co releases new wine virtually_SJP_easyfood

    In what is believed to be the world’s first ever virtual winemaking session, New York-based actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her partners Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron from New Zealand-based winery INVIVO & Co have released their new Sauvignon Blanc together.

    She dialled in Tim and Rob from their winery in Te Kauwhata, New Zealand to create and sign off their latest blend, over a two-hour Zoom call.

    “As always, time with Tim and Rob is a delight,” she said. “They continue to teach, share their talent and knowledge, and guide me toward better understanding of the privileged world of wine making. I’d much rather prefer to be in their company and was concerned that a virtual blending wouldn’t allow for us to arrive with a blend for our new Sauvignon Blanc that would thrill and delight as the first did.

    “I thought the distance would make the kind of necessary communication impossible. However it was our typical fun, surprising, wonderfully perplexing moment, and an ultimately fruitful blend.”

    SJP and Invivo winemakers released their first wine together last year. The actress have previously enjoyed some of Invivo’s wines during a holiday in Ireland. Their first wine, SJP Sauvignon Blanc, became an instant hit and has sold over 400 000 bottles globally.

    in 2019 the team managed to blend and sign off this wine in person, but due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions this year, it wasn’t possible.

    “It’s important to us that Sarah Jessica blends the wine and signs it off with us – after all her name is on the labes so it’s essential that the style of wine we’re making together reflects her tastes just as much as ours,” Invivo co-founder Tim Lightbourne said.

    To overcome this obstacle, Invivo couriered six wine samples to SJP, taken from the latest harvest in March this year. Samples of Sauvignon Blanc from various estates in Marlborough, New Zealand, were taken personally from the tank from winemaker Rob and shipped directly to SJP’s home in New York, along with wine-blending equipment in the form of flasks and measuring cylinders. The wine blending, tasting and adjusting followed the same process that wineries follow, but with the guidance of SJP and overseen by Invivo’s winemaker Rob Cameron.

    “We hit a great style with the 2019 Sauvignon Blanc so we felt there were some big shoes to fill with the 2020 wine, especially given this year’s vintage was so different to last year’s,” Rob said. “That said, I was really impressed with how Sarah Jessica’s focus was always on trying to create the very best of what we had to work with, rigorously testing each blend option to ensure we were producing our ‘A’ game. The 2020 is going to be a treat!”

    Wine-lovers can get the Invivo X, SJP Sauvignon Blanc vintage 2020 around the world soon. The 2019 vintage is still available in SuperValu, Joyces, Carry Out, Number21 Off Licences, and online at Wines of the World.