Prepare to be obsessed with this limited edition burger

    Vacherin Want More BuJo limited edition Vacherin Mont d'Or burger Easy Food

    BuJo Burger’s Culinary Director has collaborated with the Head Chef of The GreenHouse on Dawson Street to create a very special burger for BuJo: The Vacherin Want More. This limited edition burger is a combination of flavours centred around Vacherin Mont d’Or, a decadent French and Swiss cows milk cheese.

    With two Michelin stars, The GreenHouse on Dawson Street is one of Gráinne O’Keefe’s favourite restaurants, and she has known its renowned Head Chef Mickael Viljanen for a number of years. No stranger to collaborating through BuJo, Gráinne approached Mickael and asked him to design his own ultimate BuJo burger. They worked together for many weeks to create this very special limited-edition offering. “The Vacherin is a reminder of how very beautiful ingredients prepared simply can create something very special, similar to Mickael’s cooking style at The GreenHouse,” Grainne said.

    BuJo limited edition Vacherin Mont d'Or burger Easy Food
    Mickael Viljanen and Grainne O’Keefe

    Only made seasonally in the winter, Vacherin Mont d’Or is hedonistic, powerful and rich. As the summer comes to an end and the air gets cooler, the cows come down the mountain — Mont d’Or — and their precious milk reduces in quantity. This means making Comté (a hard, aged cheese) becomes difficult, and instead a soft, rich, quick-ripening small cheese is made. To this day, the cheese can only be made seasonally between 15th August and 15th March. The cheese is encircled in spruce bark, which imparts a resinous flavour. Vacherin Mont d’ Or is often baked until it is warm and runny, but it is also enjoyed spooned straight out of its box (which is how the locals prefer it). As Mickael and Gráinne have discovered, it also makes the most luxurious of cheeseburgers — hence the name of this extra-special BuJo limited edition, The Vacherin Want More.

    Vacherin Mont d'Or Easy Food

    BuJo’s The Vacherin Want More includes bone marrow-glazed, chargrilled, grass-fed Irish beef; Vacherin Mont d’Or cheese AOP; horseradish mayo; crispy onions; and Caesar-dressed baby gem on a toasted BuJo brioche. We are OBSESSED with the thoughts of it.

    The Vacherin Want More is the 27th limited edition at BuJo and is available to order from Monday 7th December with an RRP of €12. BuJo is open from 10am-9.30pm for takeaway, seven days a week. Orders can be placed ahead of time on the day of collection via