Pick up your 50c loaf to celebrate storm Emma’s anniversary

    Pick up your 50c loaf to celebrate the great Irish bread dash

    One year ago today Storm Emma was beating our Island inducing one of the highest demand in bread of 2018. For this occasion, Centra will be celebrating the so-called ‘Panniversary’ of storm – for one day only Centra stores nationwide will be selling Brennan’s Half White Pan for just 50c!

    With the weather getting us in the summer mood this week, it’s hard to believe that one year ago we were all rushing to buy our storm essentials: last year during storm Centra sold 450,000 loaves of bread, with an increase of 150,000 loaves from the same time the year before.

    Pick up your Brennan’s Half Pan for just 50c. Offer is only valid Friday 1st March while stocks last.


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