Our best egg recipes

    Crispy fried egg with peanut rayu and greens easy food

    What’s the crack with eggs? They are full of goodness and nutrients. We all know the classic boiled, fried, scrambled or poached, but we want to give you some fun and different recipes with eggs.

    Lets start with the basics…

    How to boil an egg 

    Boiled eggs easy food

    Who knows what’s going on beneath that shell? Once you know the different times for boiling an egg, you’ll be able to cook your egg to your liking, every time.

    Poached eggs

    poached eggs easy food

    Poached eggs are a tricky one to get right, but follow these tips and trick and you’ll have an egg cooked to perfection.

    Scrambled egg

    Scrambled egg with smoked salmon easy food

    It’s hard to get scrambled eggs just right. They can sometimes be too watery or over done. Here is a great recipe for scrambled egg success.

    Some cracking recipes…

    Turkish poached eggs with yoghurt and chilli butter 

    Turkish_Poached_Eggs- Easy food

    The idea of yoghurt and poached eggs may seem a little strange, but with the chilli butter… it just works!

    Mexican scrambled egg

    Mexican-Scramble easy food
    This is a fun way to spice up your morning scrambled eggs, with a warm tortilla wrap instead of the usual toast.

    Roasted potato salad with eggs and pickled dressing 

    Roasted potato salad with eggs and pickled dressing easy food
    A great lunch idea or a tasty side dish for your summer BBQ.

    New York bodega bacon egg and cheese

    New_York_Bodega easy food
    This is one tasty sandwich. Bacon, egg and cheese on a sesame bagel? I’ll take 10, please!

    Crispy fried egg with peanut rayu and greens

    Crispy fried egg with peanut rayu and greens easy food

    This egg dish is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The peanut rayu adds a toasted flavour and a lovely added crunch.

    Indian spiced frittata

    Indian-spiced-frittata easy food

    A delicious twist on a frittata. This is great with salad for lunch or dinner.



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