One not-so-obvious way to support your local businesses

    Flipdish Easy Food support local
    Conor and James McCarthy, co-founders of Flipdish. Photo by Conor McCabe Photography.

    Irish digital food-ordering solution Flipdish is reminding consumers who love their local restaurant/takeaway of the importance of supporting local and to try and order directly, if possible.

    In addition to taking up to 30% per order from the local food business, online marketplaces such as Deliveroo, JustEat and UberEATs are all headquartered internationally. By ordering directly from a restaurant or takeaway website/app, customers can be sure they are supporting local businesses.

    Co-founder and CEO of Flipdish Conor McCarthy said, “When you spend money on a marketplace website here in Ireland, you’re essentially sending a large chunk of that money abroad. In such trying times for the hospitality industry, restaurateurs need your business directly, so before you order, look to see if they have an app or if you can order directly from them on their website. By ordering directly, consumers can help restaurants save thousands of Euro per year in commission fees, while helping to give back to the economy at a time when it needs that boost.”

    “Amarach research shows that 77% of people in Ireland are unaware that online marketplaces such as Deliveroo and JustEat charge restaurants a commission fee of up to 30% per order. With this knowledge, 89% of people said they would now order directly from the restaurant, which is a shift we are hoping to see for the benefit of both the Irish hospitality industry and the Irish economy,” Conor added.