Now you can get the nation’s best burger in new locations

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    Named as Ireland’s best burger in 2019, the unique struggles of this year hit Handsome Burger along with the rest of the country. During lockdown, the company went from employing 22 people to just the three founders. Creating a Handsome at Home burger box kept the business afloat and gradually allowed them to bring back staff; little by little, the Handsome operation expanded once again, reopening their HQ on Dominick Street as a collection point and take away only. 

    Handsome Burger popped up in Maisie’s in Athlone earlier this year, bringing burgers and buzz to the Midlands. Now, Handsome Burger is popping up in Limerick at Flannery’s and in Westport at Henehan’s Bar. The collaboration with pubs has allowed Handsome to expand their customer base whilst their ethos and overall food style remain true to their origins: local meat, freshly baked buns, Irish cheese, spuds and all the signature sauces and cooking methods go everywhere they set up.

    Handsome Burger new locations food news Easy Food

    Having bounced back from the early days of Covid-19, Handsome Burger has taken back on their 22 staff and are operational across three counties. The Handsome at Home burger kits have been shipped to every county in Ireland, and they are now launching their own cocktail bar at the HQ. They’ve even created their own beer, the Handsome, a Helles-style lager available in-house in Galway.

    Enjoy the Handsome classic the BOB, The Roost, loaded fries and triple cooked rosemary fries in Galway, Limerick and Mayo, or order your own Handsome at Home meal kit. For more information, check out Handsome Burger online.