Now you can buy your favourite cider online

    Dan Kelly's Cider online shop_easyfood

    The lockdown really changed the way we shop. This really put the emphasis on online shopping – you might not have know that your favourite place were offering their products online.

    Dan Kelly’s Cider is another favourite to enter the world of online shopping. The Dan Kelly’s Cider range can now be purchased from the comfort of your own home and delivered directly to your door. The cider’s siters-product Stameen Farm Apple Juice is also available from the shopt.

    “We have had the idea of an online shop in the pipeline for a while, but due to Covid-19 restrictions we have brought the plan forward,” Olan McNeece of Dan Kelly’s said. “Like many other producers out there, we have had to look at new ways to get our products to consumers while adhering to the current guidelines. We are confident our online shop can do just that.”

    The Dan Kelly’s Cider range includes the original Dan Kelly’s Cider, Whiskey Cask Cider, Single Variety Cider No. 1 and Coll’s Craft.

    The different blends are made from apples handpicked from the family orchard. No sulphites, cultured yeast, artificial colours or sweeteners are ever added to them. It’s also gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

    Introductory pricing for a case of 12 of the original blend and Coll’s Craft is €40.

    • A case of 12 of the Whiskey Cask Cider is €42.50.
    • A case of 24 Single Variety No. 1 330ml bottles is €50.
    • A mixed box of ciders (3 x 500ml Original, 3 x 500ml Coll’s Craft, 3 x 500ml Whiskey Cask, 3 x 330ml Single Variety) is €42.50.
    • A case of 12 750ml Stameen Farm Apple Juice is €40.
    • All prices include delivery nationwide.

    For more information, and to place orders, click here.