New Happy Pear veggie meals in SuperValu



    We’ve all had a tough few days – shelves cleared of stock, cancelled flights, status red warnings and cabin fever. But it appears that spring has finally sprung, and it’s now time to get back out of the house and do the things you missed, like going to the gym, going for a walk or meeting friends for coffee. To give you a break from cooking while still eating well, SuperValu has managed to keep some of The Happy Pear’s delicious new veggie meals range especially for you!

    The new range, available exclusively in SuperValu stores, is made with real ingredients, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and – most importantly – every meal provides two of your five fruit and veg portions a day. What’s not to love?

    SuperValu is delighted to announce the brand-new range which includes Veggie Korma, a mildly spicy creamy coconut dish, served with brown rice and fresh spinach; Chilli No Carne, a mildly spiced Mexican-style dish of black beans in a spicy tomato sauce, served with yellow rice and fresh coriander; and Chickpea Curry, a medium spiced vibrant curry made with fresh veg and chickpeas, served with brown rice.

    Tying in with SuperValu’s mission to get the nation eating healthier food and ensuring that the next generation is healthier than the last, The Happy Pear has a shared vision to inspire the nation to eat healthier food and adopt a healthier lifestyle with its range of delicious products. The range now includes healthy soups, Shepherdless Pie, Veggie Lasagne, Happy and Sweet Beet Hummus, three delicious pestos, energy bars, alfalfa and bean mixes, Cool Jim’s Granola, Nuts About Choc spread and the smoothie range.

    The Happy Pear’s all new Veggie Meals range (Priced at €5) is available in SuperValu stores nationwide and at now.


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