New craft beers at Aldi for you to love


    Aldi has introduced five new craft beers, priced from €1.89, available now for a limited time.

    Tom Doorley, Aldi Drinks Expert, says: “The Brown Bear beers, brewed in County Armagh, have real flavour and freshness, ideal as the evenings get longer and we look forward to summer. O’Shea’s are old favourites, with a crisp, characterful lager and an IPA with proper, refreshing hoppy bitterness.”

    BROWN BEAR DOUBLE IPA (5.2% ABV, 500ml, €2.39) A full bodied, copper coloured, IPA bursting with citrus fruits and tropical fruit flavours and aroma. An initially sweet impression gives way to an explosion of orange, pink grapefruit and tangerine.
    BROWN BEAR GLUTEN FREE LAGER (4.1% ABV, 500ml, €1.99) A crisp, straw coloured lager with a classic pilsner malt flavour and a clean lingering bitterness. A gentle hop aroma finishes this easy drinking lager.
    BROWN BEAR INDIA PALE LAGER (5.2% ABV, 500ml, €1.99) A gold coloured medium bodied lager style beer with a fresh aroma of lime, kiwi fruit and a hint of gooseberry on the finish.
    O’SHEA’S IRISH LAGER (5% ABV, 500ml, €1.89) Brewed true to the craft traditions with the use of Irish Malts, this lager is clean and crisp with subtle hints of sweetness due to the addition of a small amount of Caramalt. The longer period of rest allows the flavours to develop, offering a refreshing and balanced finish.
    O’SHEA’S IPA (5% ABV, 500ml, €1.99) Bursting with flavour, O’Shea’s IPA is brewed with fresh grapefruit combined with a multitude of hop varieties including Cascade and Amarillo. These hops are added after different stages of the brew to give this refreshing IPA its intense citrus flavour.

    All of the above products are on sale now in all 130 Aldi stores nationwide. For more information, see

    Why not make your own beer-battered fish and chips?


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