Much-loved Yorkshire wrap is back to Ireland

    Image: Thomas Aaron

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill! The Christmas dinner wrap is returning to Ireland and in greater force than ever before! Ireland stood still last year as the Tipperary based takeaway, Aaron’s Takeaway, gave Ireland its first taste of the mouthwatering creation and this year it looks like they might be set to do it all over again. The takeaway took to Facebook last week to tease the return of the mighty Christmas-to-go experience.

    Image: Aaron’s Takeaway

    But what exactly is all the fuss about? If you were living under a rock last Christmas, you might be forgiven for completely missing the emergence of this milestone in culinary excellence. Where did it all begin you ask? Well, from extensive googling, we can confirm the origin of the Yorkshire wrap to be – you guessed it – York, England! The brainchild of Wayne Chadwick, managing director of York Roast Co., the wrap met the needs of the Sunday-dinner-starved students populating the city. Since its release in September 2017, the wrap has gained momentum, spreading across the country, inspiring variations such as its Mexican, Yorkshire burrito wrap, before adopting its festive Christmas theme and reaching our shores last year.

    Image: The York Roast Co.

    So what exactly makes this Christmas handful so popular? Inside your typical Christmas dinner wrap you can be sure to find all of your festive favourites, such as succulent turkey, ham, sage and onion stuffing, carrots, Brussels sprouts and, of course, a smothering of gravy and cranberry sauce, with variations wrapping the ingredients in an oversized Yorkshire pudding or throwing the buttery, battery deliciousness into a good ol’ tortilla!

    Image: The York Roast Co.

    If you’re skeptical this Christmas or if Tipp is a tad too far out of your way, don’t fret, as it’s not just Aaron’s Takeaway jumping on the bandwagon. To bank your own stress-free, budget-friendly, neatly folded Christmas, look no further than your local Lidl supermarket, where this year you might be amazed to find your very own DELUXE Festive Yorkshire Pudding Wrap…welcome to the 21st Century…

    Image: Lidl Ireland

    If wrapping the leftovers in a Yorkshire pudding doesn’t tickle your fancy this Stephen’s Day, why not check out our other suggestions from our ‘5 ways’ series, with videos exploring uses for leftover ham, potatoes, turkey, sprouts, stuffing and many more here.


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