Learn new skills from one of Ireland’s best chefs

    JP McMahon Aniar Easy Food
    Photo by xposure

    Have you ever wished you could learn from one of Ireland’s top chefs? Michelin Star chef and previous Easy Food guest editor JP McMahon is offering private online cooking classes to food lovers around the world.

    The online cooking school offers one-on-one classes or for groups of up to four people, and the content and theme can be chosen by the students. Each class takes approximately three hours, and students can expect to complete 5-6 dishes in this time.

    JP has welcomed cooking class students from all over the world, “Our online classes are a way for us to spread the great word of Irish food. We’ve been doing classes with people from all over the world, from Switzerland and Copenhagen to Seattle and San Francisco. Because people can’t travel to Ireland, they’re taking our classes to experience Irish food. Our future plans include expanding on our classes by recordings that can be rolled out as master classes”.

    JP McMahon Aniar Easy Food

    Along with his business partner Drigin, JP is the restaurateur behind some of Galway’s most beloved restaurants including Cava Bodega and Tartare Café + Wine Bar. Both have been operating take-away only services in recent months but will reopen as dine-in restaurants as restrictions are eased next week. Tartare will reopen Tuesday 30th June while Cava Bodega will reopen Thursday 2nd July.

    JP is also co-owner of Michelin-star Aniar Restaurant and Boutique Cookery School. While the popular cooking classes will remain as scheduled throughout the season, the restaurant will not reopen this year. JP McMahon said, “As we only have 16 weeks left of this current season, social distancing measures reducing the possibility of making the restaurant viable, and a complete absence of international tourism – which is our main base – the financial risk is too great for fine dining. We’ve decided instead to focus on our online cooking classes for the remainder of the season until October. Our regular classes in Aniar will begin a little earlier in September and continue to March next year. We hope to welcome back our guests in April 2021.”

    Prices for these tailored live classes are from €225 for one person to €560 for four people. To book a private class, and for more information, visit www.aniarrestaurant.ie.