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    Plant Based Basics Easy Food

    Thinking of switching to a plant-based diet? Plant Based Basics is an online course starting this January to help you with the basics of making the switch, busting myths about plant-based diets with guided meal plans and tasty recipes.

    Plant Based Basics is a comprehensive guide to switching to a 100% plant-based diet, covering the definitions, tips and common pitfalls. The popularity of veggie-forward diets have increased over the years and this course is also suitable for those already on the path to becoming plant-based or those interested in reducing their meat intake.

    Founder of Plant Based Ireland Greg Xavier says, “We have just launched an online course, Plant Based Basics, to teach participants how to reap the benefits in just 30 days. I’ve taken the last 10 years of knowledge and experience and condensed it into an easy-to-follow course with all the nutritional information, recipes, meal plans and tips to maximise nutrient intake. Whether you are an omnivore, vegetarian, flexitarian or plant-based eater, everybody can gain from these sustainable foundations.


    How to book
    • Register for the course online from November 16th 2020.
    • Course commences January 2021.
    • Book the course to start your new year afresh, or purchase for a plant-loving pal this Christmas
    • Price €99.


    Plant-based versus vegan: what’s the difference?

    Veganism completely excludes all animal products. Plan-based is a specific dietary framework adopting a diet that prioritises whole plant foods.

    The health benefit of a vegan diet is not due to the absence of animal products but is contained in the nutrient content of fruits and vegetables.

    Plant-based means avoiding processed foods and choosing products that are as close to their natural state as possible; fruit, berries, vegetables, beans, grains and nuts. These products still retain the vitamin, mineral, fibre, water and phytonutrients that provide the main benefits of the plant-based diet.

    A plant-based diet has benefits for your health and the environment including preventing chronic conditions, supporting healthy cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, supporting immunity and combating inflammation. Eating a plant-based diet can also reduce our carbon footprint.

    Plant Based Basics Easy Food

    About Greg Xavier

    Greg Xavier is 31 years old and from Dublin. He is a qualified plant-based nutritionist, chef and founder of Plant Based Ireland. He has followed a plant-based diet for a decade and has taught the subject in Ireland, the UK, North America and Asia.

    In 2019 he split his year between teaching in Bali and co-presenting on RTE 2’s ‘Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’, where he helped participants transform their lives through incorporating more whole foods, fruits and vegetables into their lives. Greg has continued promoting the health benefits of a plant based lifestyle during the recent lockdown via plantbased.ie.