James Kavanagh and William Murray’s food for thought

    food for thought

    James Kavagh and William Murray, founders of Currabinny Foods, shared with us the dishes on the foods they love and loathe.


    James Kavanagh: I love mushrooms. He hates mushrooms. Or, he likes the more notion-y mushrooms.

    William Murray: I don’t like little white button mushrooms. I hate mushroom soup. That’s like the worst thing that anyone could ever give me.


    JK: I love a good toastie.

    WM: I can’t remember the last time you made yourself your own toastie.

    JK: Last night!

    WM: Really?

    JK: Yeah. It’s on my Snapchat.


    WM: James won’t eat any shape of pasta other than linguini.

    JK: I like tagliatelle.

    WM: Tagli− they’re basically the same thing!

    JK: I like pappardelle. It fits the theme.

    WM: He won’t have penne, shells or any shapes…nothing.

    JK: Yeah, I’m a bit conservative.


    WM: Because avocados are in everything I eat them, but I don’t really like them. I feel really uncool saying that, but honestly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I think they’re a great food source, but do they have to be in everything? No.


    JK: I think as a society we should be a bit more careful with our meat consumption. I wouldn’t get it in a takeaway; I’d usually get tofu instead. I think we should make sure we’re eating better quality meat when we do have it and make it more of a special occasion.

    Try the following recipes taken from the Currabinny Cookbook:

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