Ireland’s first smash burgers look so insanely good

    Dash Burger pop up Dublin Ireland food news Easy Food
    Photos by Ines Billings

    Good news for burger-lovers in the capital: a new concept pop-up has opened on Kevin Street Lower, Dublin 2. Taking inspiration from LA, Ireland’s first smash burger joint opened last Friday 18th September and, despite restrictions, was sold out by Sunday afternoon.

    The brainchild of self-trained food entrepreneur Barry Wallace, Dash Burger has a three-pronged USP: the cooking technique of smashing; their buns; and their seasoning.

    The cooking technique that makes a smash burger is all in the name! The smashing of beef on the griddle leads to maximum surface area crust and a juice sealing sear that adds texture and flavour, along with an outer edge of crisp “meat lace,” a phrase coined by Jenn Harris of The LA Times.

    Dash Burger pop up Dublin Ireland food news Easy Food

    Each burger has a double patty of Irish beef with a delicious blend created specifically with Pat McLoughlin Butchers to complement the smash technique. Topped with American cheese, pickles, onion, mustard and ketchup, these are old school American diner burgers made with high-quality Irish beef.

    The Dash bun is a potato roll from a speciality bakery: soft, light and crisp with no added sweetness so the flavours of the beef can shine.

    What really sets these smash burgers apart is the secret seasoning, concocted by Barry in a ‘eureka!’ moment in his home kitchen during lockdown. His unique seasoning packs an umami hit to add depth of flavour to each bite, elevating the flavour of the beef and melting into the cheese to create a crispy hot, umami-kissed cheeseburger.

    Dash Burger pop up Dublin Ireland food news Easy Food

    Dash Burger promises to live up to its name, too, with a speedy service facilitated by the compact size of the restaurant and the swift nature of the smash cooking method. Dash will operate as a takeaway until restrictions allow indoor dining again, and then it’ll be limited covers of 10, respecting government guidelines until normality resumes and it can double in capacity.

    The menu offering is streamlined to three burgers (a double smash, triple smash and a house special) along with free range chicken tenders — which come with their own serious secret sauce — and jalapeño popper arancini.

    Dash Burger opening hours
    Wednesday and Thursday: 5-10pm
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 12.30-3.30pm, 5-10pm