Imagine a world without potatoes? No, thank you!

    National potato day Easy Food

    Friday October 5th has been designated ‘National Potato Day’ and we are pulling out all the stops to help you celebrate with Bord Bia and Tasty Potatoes. The potato is of course Ireland’s most-loved crop, and the event has been designed to encourage consumers to experiment with new and exciting recipes, as well as to remind them of its’ nutritional value.

    The event is also part of a global campaign organised by the Peruvian International Centre for Potatoes. Launched earlier this year and running until 2020, the campaign asks people to ‘imagine a world without potatoes’ and to appreciate the role that this amazing crop has in providing nourishment, employment, and food security on a worldwide scale.

    Fun fact

    Potatoes are the world’s third most important food crop, after only rice and wheat in terms of human consumption.

    Speaking about the launch, the Bord Bia Fresh Produce and Potato Manager (which is such a cool job) Lorcan Bourke said – ‘Potatoes are strongly associated with Ireland, but what Irish people often do not realise is how popular the crop is right around the world. By linking in with the global campaign, we aim to illustrate the worldwide appeal of this vegetable, which is totally natural source of carbohydrate and packed with essential nutrients’.

    With that in mind, Bord Bia have launched a fantastic new website full of tasty potato recipes from all over the world. There’s also a series of events planned for across Ireland, including the first ever Carlow Rooster Festival. Additionally, the Bord Bia Potato Ambassadors Aoife Hearne (TV dietician and nutritional expert) and Chef Padraig Óg Gallagher (The Boxty House, Temple Bar) will be delivering talks and demonstrations at the Carlow Festival and the Dingle Food Festival. More information on these events and others can be found at

    For a fantastic potato recipe you can make today, check out these huevos rancheros


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