How to make the best pub grub at home


    We can’t travel right now, but our tastebuds can! This week, our virtual destination isn’t far at all — just down to the local pub. Treat yourself to some good old-fashioned pub grub and keep dreaming of that proper pint come August…


    First things first

    Is there any pub food more quintessential than a dirty big steak sambo? Add chips. Add crisps. Add an obscene amount of garlic mayo. You’ll find no judgement here.

    Best steak sandwiches pub grub Easy Food
    We hope you’re hungry…

    Speaking of sandwiches, you can’t go wrong with a classic club. The only real question is, Tayto or King?

    The best club sandwich Easy Food
    This whopper triple-decker has everything you could ask for in a sandwich.



    It’s a short hop from sandwiches to burgers, another pub standby (and great soakage, too!). For a touch of luxury, try these burgers loaded with bacon, blue cheese and caramelised onions.

    Blue cheese beef burgers Easy Food
    Not a fan of blue? No problem: simply swap it for your favourite cheese!

    For something even more indulgent, these poutine burgers include chips, gravy and cheese curds. What’s not to like?

    Poutine_Burger_Easy food
    Get your stretchy pants on.

    Make sure those burgers are every bit as good as you deserve by following our step-by-step guide to the perfect patty, here. Looking for a veggie option? Our gorgeous beetroot and lentil patties should do the trick nicely.

    Prefer chicken over beef? No problemo — check out these mouthwatering chicken burgers complete with crispy Cajun coating.

    Cajun chicken burger Easy Food
    Cajun mayo provides a perfect creamy contrast to the tender but crunchy chicken.



    Is it even a trip to the pub without a bowl of wings? Our clever method makes these best-ever wings both lower in fat AND unbelievably crispy. You’ll never look back.

    est ever chicken wings. Easy Foods
    These are our “best-ever wings” for very good reason.



    Chicken goujons are another perennial pub favourite, and make a quick and convenient dinner for the kids.

    Chicken goujons Easy Food
    Kids and adults alike love crispy golden goujons.

    Or, if you’re trying to incorporate more fish into your household’s dinner rotation, check out these homemade fish fingers — every bit as moreish.

    Finger-licking fish goujons | Easy Food
    Just add your favourite dipping sauce!


    Feeling fishy

    Speaking of fish, make your own posh pub starter with these creamy, cheesy fish smokies!

    Cheesy_fish_smokies Easy Food
    Just add a slice of brown bread, and you’re laughin’.

    Fish and chips is a fantastic crowd-pleaser, and our crispy beer batter will have everyone drooling.

    Fish and chips Easy Food
    The perfect Friday evening fare.

    For a fancy twist, why not treat yourself to this recipe for scampi, jacket chips and tartare sauce? You’re worth every bite.

    Scampi, jacket chips and tartare sauce Easy Food
    Big fat prawns? Check. Crispy chips? Check. Tartare sauce? You betcha.


    Bangers and mash

    For those not-so-sunny days, a bowl of bangers and mash with onion gravy is the ultimate comfort food. (Hint: make double the gravy and use the extra to make those outrageous poutine burgers the following day!)

    Banger and mash Easy Food
    Put those tasty Irish sausages to good use!


    A bit on the side…

    Obviously, you’re going to want chips. Check out our guide to making the best chips at home, whether you’re going the deep-fried route or fancy a healthier baked version. Once you’ve mastered those chips, maybe you’ll want to load them up with one of these delicious toppings

    Top it off Chips Easy Food
    Taco fries? Curry chips? Pizza chips? YES.

    Onion rings are one of those foods we could eat every day, and we find it impossible to resist ordering them in the pub. Here’s our guide to making them at home. You’re welcome.

    Onion rings Easy Food
    Our crispy battered onion rings: resistance is futile.

    These loaded potato skins make a tasty dish all on their own, or a flavoursome side. Dollops of sour cream recommended.

    Loaded potato skins Easy Food

    Add a can or two of your favourite craft beer, and you’re set.

    We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to the pub! Next week, we’ll be taking your tastebuds to Thailand. Don’t miss out.