How to make the best Chinese takeaway at home

    Sweet 'n' sour pork Easy Food

    We can’t travel right now, but our tastebuds can! Use your mealtimes to transport yourself to more exotic surroundings — from the safety of your kitchen. This time round, we’re off to China (or, at least, the Chinese takeaway)…


    Chicken curry

    First things first: the classic Chinese chicken curry. Serve with rice or chips, or go the whole  glorious 3-in-1 route and spend the rest of the evening blithely rubbing your full, carby belly. WORTH IT.

    Chicken curry Easy Food
    This homemade chicken curry makes perfect Friday evening fare.

    If you prefer chicken dishes with that addictive sweet-savoury flavour combo, then check out this sticky honey cashew stir-fry. The light and crispy batter is everything you want in a fakeaway.

    Honey chicken cashew stirfry Easy Food
    This flavoursome stir-fry packs in some virtuous veggies and cashew nuts, too.


    Beef with green pepper in black bean sauce

    Another familiar favourite from the takeaway, who knew this dish was so easy to recreate at home? This recipe includes fried rice, too, making it the complete meal.

    Beef with green pepper in black bean sauce Easy Food
    How can we resist?


    Fried rice

    Speaking of which, if you like fried rice as your main dish, this ginger and prawn version might be just the ticket.

    Ginger and prawn fried rice Easy Food
    Whether served as a side dish or as a meal in its own right, this is worth cooking extra rice the day ahead.

    If you’ve never made your own fried rice before, you’ll find our best basic method here.


    Sweet and sour pork

    This is one of our most popular fakeaway dishes, and with very good reason. Sweet and sticky with a light cornflour batter to tenderise the pork, we guarantee every plate will practically be licked clean.

    Sweet 'n' sour pork Easy Food
    Is anyone else drooling just looking at this photo?


    Veggie chow mein

    One for the noodle lovers, this vegetarian-friendly option can easily be adapted for carnivores with the addition of chicken or prawns.

    Vegetable chow mein Easy Food
    Chopsticks optional!


    Chinese braised pork belly

    If you’re looking to make a real event out of your Chinese meal, we highly recommend this braised pork belly. You will not BELIEVE how easy it is to make a meal this impressive and tasty.

    Chinese braised pork belly
    When we made this in the Test Kitchen, it was gone about 30 seconds after this photo was taken. True story.


    Steamed fish with ginger and spring onion

    In the mood for a lighter option? This tender, juicy steamed fish infused with the aromatic flavours of ginger and spring onion might be just what you need. We’ve even included a handy work-around for those of us who don’t have steamers at home.

    steamed fish
    Simple flavours, stunning result. Win-win.


    Fancy a challenge?

    If you’re looking for a culinary project with delicious results, these steamed Chinese pork dumplings are well worth an afternoon in the kitchen.

    Steamed Chinese dumplings
    Look how pretty!

    Another one designed to take a few hours of your time, these bao buns are a great option — their mild, neutral flavour means you can fill them with almost anything you like! Make ’em veggie, crunchy and fresh; go with some sticky chicken or spicy prawns; or, for a serious treat, add slices of that braised pork belly we mentioned earlier.

    Bao buns
    Outside world? What outside world?!


    Spice bag

    And, of course, we couldn’t wrap this up without including everyone’s favourite low-brow high-flavour late night indulgence, the good old spice bag. Put on your stretchy pants (you know the ones), grab a beer and get stuck in.

    Homemade spice bag Easy Food
    You know you want to…

    Whatever you choose to make, we hope you enjoy every bite of your homemade fakeaway. Next time, we’re off to Mexico…