How to keep busy when you can’t go to the pub

    Irish pubs are closed. What to do.

    The pubs in Ireland being asked to close is not a regular occurrence. Heck! The last time pubs had to close down was in 2017 for Good Friday. In 2018, this 90-year-old ban was lifted, which means pubs on the Emerald Isle are open year round, except for Christmas Day.

    However, on Sunday, Health Minister Simon Harris announced the closure of all pubs in a bid to tackle the spread of the coronavirus. We saw 7,000 pubs all over Ireland close their doors on Sunday until March 29th.

    Most people are asked to work from home while schools and universities are also closed for this period. So, before the cabin fever gets the better of you, here are some things you can do at home:

    Spend more time in the kitchen
    Spend more time in the kitchen

    Spend some time in the kitchen

    Working from home means you’ll have more time to do what you want to do (goodbye traffic and commuting, and hello to more spare time!). And when we would’ve gone to our local pub for a quick pint to catch up with some friends, rather use this time to try out recipes you always wanted to but never had the time to.

    Make time to bake bread by trying one of these 8 best traditional Irish bread recipes, or dust off the slow cooker and try this braised Irish lamb shanks with colcannon, or the shepherdless pie recipes.

    Get the kids baking
    Get the kids baking

    Get the kids baking

    The kids might be very excited about being schooled at home, but it won’t be too long before boredom gets the better of them.

    Let them have a bit of craic in the kitchen! Getting the kids baking has lots of positivee effects, including benefits to language development, fine motor skills, mathematical ability and reading skills. Try these 8 recipes that are perfect for kids baking.

    Celebrate Paddy's Day at home.
    Celebrate Paddy’s Day at home.

    Celebrate Paddy’s Day at home

    The one day to really celebrate being Irish got cancelled, and we’re all stuck at home without the hope of going to the pub or enjoying a colourful parade. You can share photos of your at-home Patrick’s Day by using #VirtualPatricksDay.

    But don’t let that stop you from embracing your Irish heritage! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home by making your own decorations, enjoying a pint (or three) and turning up the volume on that traditional songs. Cook true Irish recipes like: