How to go a little greener this Christmas

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    We know as well as anyone how easy it is at this time of year to let your good intentions fall to the wayside. That is why we were super intrigued to hear all about Airfield Estate’s 12 Ways of Christmas campaign.

    This campaign details 12 easy tips to embracing sustainability and encourage all to stay a little greener this Christmas. Each of the 12 Ways of Christmas is linked to a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) that are taken from the 2015 Paris agreement to work towards a more sustainable future for all by 2030. The 12 Ways include;

    1. Alternative Gift Wapping
    2. A Sustainable Christmas Dinner
    3. Delicious Christmas Leftovers
    4. Conscious Shopping
    5. Christmas Trees V Artificial Trees
    6. Sustainable Christmas Decorations
    7. Conscious Clothing
    8. A Gift of Nature
    9. Add a Story
    10. Food Waste
    11. Less is More
    12. Enjoy the True Spirit of Christmas

    The details about each festive tip can be found on Airfield Estate’s website here, where they explain each tip and ways people can implement them into their own lives. For example, for number 11, Food Waste, they advise people to “plan how you will use any leftovers before the day. This will give you a more economical Christmas and reduce your waste.”

    This is just one of the super easy and doable ways in which people can try to stay a little greener this Christmas. For those looking to see these ideas come in practice why not pay a visit to Airfield Estate over the coming weeks? With a strong emphasis on environmental awareness and sustainability, Airfield has worked across the Estate to showcase a glorious green rustic inspired Christmas that reduces the use of plastics and glitter, along with a reduction in store bought decorations, a move to upcycling existing decorations and the use of natural decorative features.

    There’s recycled pallet art pieces and ideas for alternative gift-wrapping. Elves costumes have been designed from charity shop finds, children’s gifts are sourced with minimal packaging and presented in a reusable cloth bags.

    The food offerings are locally sourced with food and drink utensils 100% compostable. Visitors are encouraged to explore the experience without the use of printed maps and parents will be gifted Christmas Leftover Recipe Cards to create a Green Christmas at home. The Estate will also explore practical ways to reduce the energy consumption of lighting and heating throughout the Christmas period.

    Pop on down this festive season to see sustainability in action with your own eyes. We can’t wait to implement some of these amazing tips ourselves this Christmas.