How this limited edition beer helps prevent food waste

    The UseLess Brew Open Gate Guinness Bread 41 Useless Project Easy Food

    Guinness Open Gate Brewery has teamed up with Dublin-based sustainability gurus The Useless Project and organic Dublin bakery Bread 41 to launch a sustainable, waste-busting brew this December. At a time of year when Ireland produces 25% more waste, this limited-edition brew aims to shed light on this ever-present issue by using bread that would have otherwise gone to waste as a key ingredient in the brewing process.

    Bread is the most wasted food on our planet, with over 240 million slices being thrown out each year. Guinness brewers have transformed leftover rye and buckwheat loaves from Bread 41 into a sustainable beer with fruity aromas, sweet malty notes and slight spice from the rye.

    The UseLess Brew Open Gate Guinness Bread 41 Useless Project Easy Food

    The Useless Project, led by Geraldine Carlton and Taz Kelleher, aims to bring like-minded individuals together and highlight the positive, accessible and pragmatic sides to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Partnering with the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, this duo are delighted to showcase how a widely-perceived “waste product” does not have to be destined for the bin and can in fact be used in a myriad of other ways — most notably to make a delicious beer.

    Geraldine Carton from The Useless Project said, “We’re delighted to partner with the Guinness Open Gate Brewery to showcase how unwanted food can be given a new lease of life.”

    Co-founder Taz Kelleher added, “We worked alongside the brewing team in Guinness to create this delicious waste-busting brew and we’re so excited to share it with the world. We can’t wait for everyone to try, it so be sure to pop into the Guinness Open Gate Brewery where it’ll be on tap for a limited time only.”

    The UseLess Brew Open Gate Guinness Bread 41 Useless Project Easy Food

    The UseLess Brew will be available on tap for a limited time only at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery. Pop by the newly-revamped outdoor beer garden, where you can sit and enjoy some delicious food and brews in their cosy new snugs. The beer garden will be open on Thursdays to Sundays, 5-9pm with limited seating available so be sure to book in advance here.

    You can also be in with a chance of winning a Guinness Open Gate Brewery X The Useless Project giftbox, including a sneak preview of The UseLess Brew, by entering the competition here.