Here’s the reason why these Easter eggs are important

    Tony's Chocolonely Easter eggs Easy Food

    This Easter, Tony’s Chocolonely is on a mission to raise awareness of the bitter truth behind the production of most chocolate Easter eggs — continuing to take on the biggest global chocolate companies to call for positive changes following its recent Sweet Solution campaign. In 2018, it was reported that the average Irish person consumes 3.5 Easter eggs each year. The team at Tony’s Chocolonely believes now is the time to question the supply chain of those eggs.

    The chocolate supply chain is fraught with problems, especially in West Africa. Today, over 1.56 million children and at least 30,000 victims of modern slavery are forced to work on cocoa plantations, as evidenced in the US-government sponsored NORC report published in October 2020. Isn’t it strange that we hand out chocolate eggs to children that could have been made by children? Tony’s Chocolonely wants to change that.

    Tony's Chocolonely Easter eggs Easy Food

    Tony’s Chocolonely is on a mission to make 100% slave-free the norm in chocolate, changing the industry from within by raising awareness of the issue, leading by example and inspiring key industry stakeholders to act. Now chocolate lovers can share Easter treats safe in the knowledge that they have been ethically and sustainably sourced, with Tony’s Egg-stra Special Chocolate Eggs and an Easter Milk Chocolate Lemon Meringue Bar.

    The Egg-stra Special Chocolate Eggs (RRP €4.99) are solid egg versions of Tony’s best-selling classic bars, in a giftable small egg carton. Seven flavours are unequally divided over 12 eggs to illustrate the inequality in the chocolate industry. The Milk Chocolate Lemon Meringue Bar (RRP €3.98) is packed with meringue pieces (made from free range eggs) and a hint of zesty lemon, with an Easter egg shape to pop out.

    Tony's Chocolonely Easter eggs Easy Food

    Minimal packaging is used for both products, and the paper, cardboard and foil are all recyclable. Tony’s Chocolonely Limited Edition Easter Chocolate will be available online from Brown Thomas, The Counter and more. Tony’s is continuing to call on chocolate fans to sign its petition this Easter to make all companies legally responsible for their supply chains.