Here’s how you’re shopping at the moment

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    This week, we asked you about your shopping habits under current restrictions. Here’s what we found out…


    We were interested to see that 67% of you haven’t bothered switching to online shopping — could that be because the weekly trip to the shops is the only opportunity to get out of the house these days?

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    Many of you are sticking with your usual retailer — especially if that’s within 2km — while those who have switched have done so to make use of a bigger store so that you can get everything you need in one go, before retreating to the safety of your respective caves. We always knew Easy Food readers were smart.

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    With more time to fill, more bakes to make and eating out off the table (pun intended), 60% of you are spending more money on groceries than before, with just 10% seeing a drop in the grocery bill. Several of you mentioned “anxiety baking,” “stress eating,” and “eating out of boredom,” as reasons contributing to this increase, and let us just say: we are with you!

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    A solid 23% of you are drinking more alcohol than usual, with 42% consuming around the same as usual and 16% having cut back. For the drinkers amongst you, wine is by far the most popular choice, with beer, gin and cider other common tipples. An adventurous 12% of you have been experimenting with making new cocktails and flavour combos, from piña coladas and Moscow mules to white Russians and espresso martinis.

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    Whatever you’re eating, drinking or anxiety-baking, we hope you’re staying safe, sane and well-fed during this difficult time. We love to see what you’re cooking, so keep us in the loop by sharing pics of your kitchen creations on our social media.