Here’s how to support small food businesses right now

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    Today, we have some exciting news for food-lovers and anyone looking to support Irish producers through this unforeseen and difficult time. EatForIreland is a new web-based directory app linking Irish consumers with independent Irish food businesses who are operating temporary safe-selling business models according to HSE guidelines, providing access to the finest of Irish fare and supporting our food communities during the Covid-19 crisis. It is now available for use by all outlets and producers and consumers throughout the 32 counties.

    EatForIreland is especially useful to those people currently confined to home during the Covid-19 crisis and unable to go out to the shops. There are two primary categories: Cook It Yourself, connecting Irish food shoppers with the very finest of Irish produce; and Cooked For You, connecting Irish diners with hospitality outlets offering food for collection or delivery.


    How does it work?

    EatForIreland allows independent food businesses to advertise themselves to consumers who are seeking fine food and are keen to support the Irish food community through these troubled times.

    Food businesses (producers, independent food retailers or hospitality outlets) upload their information and link to details of their revised trading model following safe-selling guidelines for their sector as advised by the HSE. Consumers can search in their locality and filter results to search for a specific product or type of food, then set about ordering.

    EatForIreland is a web-based directory, not a shopping app, so it links consumers to the individual member’s web page with details of how to order, purchase and collect or take delivery of the particular member’s offering. It is especially applicable to those businesses operating home delivery services or pre-ordered, pre-paid contactless collection services.

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    Why is it important?

    Many small, independent and hardworking Irish food businesses are gravely threatened by the economic destruction of Covid-19. Restaurants, cafés and other hospitality outlets can no longer welcome diners into their premises. Growers, producers and producers of specialty foods — many of whom exclusively supplied the hospitality sector or sold direct to the public at farmer’s markets — are now struggling to get their products to the consumer.

    In addition, many people are confined to home during the Covid-19 crisis, particularly those ‘cocooning’, immuno-compromised and self-isolating. EatForIreland opens up access to a world of fine Irish food beyond supermarket offerings, connecting housebound shoppers with fresh, local seasonal fare that they would normally have purchased from farmer’s markets or small independent shops.

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    How can I download and use it?

    EatForIreland is web-based to ensure immediate release. Simply head to and then follow the simple instructions to install it on your smartphone home screen.

    Businesses simply upload a brief description of their operation and offering along with a link to further relevant information about their temporary safe-selling business model. Consumers can use EatForIreland to search their locality under two primary categories: Cook It Yourself (independent producers, growers, retailers, markets etc); or Cooked For You (independent hospitality outlets offering either takeaway or delivery service).

    The Cook It Yourself category features growers, farmers, specialty producers (e.g. cheesemakers, bakers, charcuterie producers etc.), fishermen, butchers and independent grocery stores, supermarkets, delicatessens, wine and craft beer retailers

    The Cooked For You category includes independent restaurants, cafés and takeaways who have revised their businesses to cook food to be consumed at home.

    As well as catering for individual independent businesses, EatForIreland is also delighted to feature independent producer or market groups such as Neighbourfood, Real Bread Ireland and regional groupings such as Sligo Food Trails or Boyne Valley Flavours.

    Irish food producers Easy Food

    EatForIreland has been created by Managing Director of WASP Technologies Donal Moran and food writer Joe McNamee. Their hope is that it will help to re-establish a greatly threatened chain, bringing Irish consumers back in contact with quality native fare to feed and comfort us during these troubled times, and ensuring the continued viability of many magnificent Irish food enterprises so that they might still be there for us when we emerge from our homes once more.