Have you heard about cricket powder?

    Mighty Cricket

    It’s literally what it says on the tin: cricket powder, or cricket flour, is a mild-tasting protein powder made out of milled crickets. Yes, crickets!

    While turning to insects for protein is nothing new, cricket powder is a relatively recent addition to the menu. Not only does it deliver big on protein (as well as iron, Omega-3s and B12), but is also a much more sustainable source compared to meat-based options. Unlike feedlots used for raising and slaughtering cows, cricket farms use less feed and generate fewer greenhouse gases per kilogram protein harvested. There is even 2,000% less water used to produce one pound of cricket protein versus one pound of almonds.

    One US-based, female-run company, Mighty Cricket, produces protein from finely-ground crickets and also uses it in protein powders, oatmeals, pancake and waffle mixes and chocolate bars. All products are free from GMOs, steroids, gluten, dairy, egg, peanuts and soy, making them both good for you and good for the planet.

    Mighty Cricket powders
    Mighty Cricket powders

    Wondering about the flavour? The crickets are lightly roasted for a mild, nutty flavour and finely ground to a smooth consistency. Mighty Cricket powders and products are also lab tested for quality and safety.

    Mighty Cricket is a team of passionate, eco-conscious foodies from around the world. Founded in Missouri, Mighty Cricket promotes healthy lifestyles, amazing food and cherished cultures while building a more sustainable future. For more information on Mighty Cricket and to view the full product range, visit www.mightycricket.com

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