Has this passenger found a Ryanair ‘free panini’ hack?

    In flight food menu
    The passenger is keen to get to the bottom of this mystery

    A passenger who recently received in-flight food on a Ryanair flight posed an interesting question after not being charged by staff for it on two separate occasions.

    S/he took to Reddit to ask others about the free panini mystery and wanted to know had anyone else experienced this phenomenon.

    The passenger explained:

    “I flew with Ryanair twice this year to completely different locations at different times of the year. Both times I ordered a ham and cheese panini and a Coke. Both times I got only the ham and cheese panini and no coke, but I never got charged at all on both occasions.

    “They just never asked me for the money when they came back around. Have I uncovered the free panini method?” s/he added.

    The passenger in question appears determined to solve this panini conundrum and plans to “try it again” aboard an upcoming flight with Ryanair next year.

    Ryanair and ham cheese paninis from ireland