Good news! Galway’s pubs and restaurants are reopening

    Good news! Galway's pubs and restaurants are reopening_easyfood

    It’s been a long few months with pubs, cafés and restaurants closed due to the lockdown, but luckily we seem to be coming out the other side of that now.

    From Monday, June 29th, Galway’s cafés, restaurants and gastro pubs will be reopened, reimagined and ready to welcome people back. Dine in Galway is an initiative which aims to highlight the amazing food you can enjoy. As a city with a huge diversity of people, cultures and flavours, Galway food passion is the driver for the return of the local economy on the west coast.

    “We’re rested, refreshed, and with renewed focus and ready to re-enter this new changed landscape,” say Sinead Meacle and Enda McEnvoy, owners of Loam. “It’s been a challenging few months but not without its positives. (We) never had so much time to reflect and reconnect.”

    Kevin Nugent of the Tribe Hospitality Group says that this year has been very different compared to previous summers. “Salthill in summer means one thing, people come together to enjoy one of the most iconic seaside town in the country. This year, that has all changed. We are all ready now to reopen and to welcome our customres back in an adapted way, but nonetheless with the same values as always. To bring great food, a shared experience and to create memories.”

    Galway’s food heritage has grown and adapted, transforming the city into a melting pot of contemporary cuisine from all over the globe. You can experience the tastes of the world here.

    “Restaurants and small local businesses are much more than the sum of their parts,” say Meacle and McEnvoy. “They support and showcase a wide network of growers and crafts people, fishermen and farmers, cheesemakers and candle makers, bakers and refuse collectors, all of whom have been affected by this pandemic and who will be supported by supporting local and helping Galway get back on its feet.”