Go bananas with your best culinary creation for Temple Street!

    National Banana Day 2018 Easy Food

    National Banana Day – where members of the public are being invited to ‘go bananas’ by placing greater focus on the appeal that bananas have as part of a healthy diet – is being hosted by Fyffes on Wednesday April 18th next.

    In its second year, the event is intended, in part, to give support to the national drive to encourage better, more-healthy eating habits – especially amongst young and growing children. Its parallel purpose will be to encourage consumers to include bananas as a wholly natural and nutritious ‘convenience’ food or a main meal accompaniment.

    A key aim of the event will be to encourage chefs, food writers and others to be even more creative in developing recipes that would see bananas being incorporated more widely on menus – not just as a dessert choice, but as a starter or savoury main meal addition.

    Parents and budding little chefs throughout the country are being invited to put their culinary talents to work by creating their own banana-inspired dishes and recipe suggestions. Winning creations will feature on the Fyffes Kitchen menu and posted on the company’s social media pages to support Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

    In Dublin, residents, workers and those many visitors to the city can give their backing to the campaign and support Temple Street Hospital by savouring an array of quirky banana-infused dishes, which will include starters, main courses and desserts, being served through the pop-up Fyffes Kitchen appearing over three days at Spencer Dock Market (April 18th), Mespil Road Market (19th) and Sandyford Market (20th).

    Commenting on what she describes as a ‘tasty appeal on behalf of a worthy children’s charity’, Fyffes marketing manager Emma Hunt-Duffy said: “our goal on National Banana Day will be to highlighting what a fun, healthy and adaptable fruit bananas are whilst supporting the very important work being done by Temple Street Children’s Hospital”.


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