Gluten-free eaters need to check out this lovely new baking book

    Gluten Free Baking From The Heart new cookbook Soraya Quigley Easy Food

    We’re delighted to see the release of this easy-to-follow gluten-free baking book with a heartwarming story behind it. Gluten Free Baking From The Heart contains 58 pages of tried-and-tested recipes, plus hints, tips and some really useful information, giving you all the help you need to create and bake perfect gluten-free recipes. As author Soraya Quigley says, “Gluten-free recipes from my kitchen to yours!”

    Soraya explains, “I’ve always loved baking. I’ve been baking since I was about 13 years old. It’s almost magical to put a few ingredients together and create something that gives you such pleasure. Three of my close family have special dietary needs, which include coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. I’ve been baking gluten-free recipes for almost 10 years, and am constantly learning and adapting.

    “The inspiration for my book came after my daughter, Christine, passed away in 2011. I went back to baking again as a form of therapy and it helped hugely. I began sharing my recipes on Facebook, then created a group and an Instagram account. Lots of people asked about a book and, with very deep breaths, I dived in and began the journey. Even though we have access to so many online recipes, we still love to have a recipe book in our kitchen.

    “I want to show that gluten free baking is not complicated or difficult — all ingredients used in my book are readily available in supermarkets.

    “There is a donation of €2 for every book sold to LauraLynn, Ireland’s Childrens Hospice.”

    Gluten Free Baking From The Heart costs €25 and shipping within Ireland is free. Shipping commences from 16th November 2020 and worldwide shipping is available.

    Gluten Free Baking From The Heart new cookbook Soraya Quigley Easy Food