Get your favourite sheep’s milk products delivered


    The lockdown is taking its toll on all of us – especially small businesses. That’s why everyone is thinking of different ways to still keep their companies going even though they have to be closed.

    Velvet Cloud, who produce sheep’s milk products such as yogurt and cheese, was found on the menus of some of the best establishments in Ireland. But since the Covid-19 pandemic they have seen a 50% drop in sales because of restaurant closures. Many of their loyal customers are also unable to venture out to visit their retail stockists.

    Michael and Aisling Flanagan, who produce the Velvet Cloud products on their family farm in Co. Mayo, decided come up with a way to keep sales from dropping even further, by starting a new delivery service directly to consumers’ homes.

    “It’s amazing how quickly you can learn about online applications and how to set up and Ecommerce shop when your back is up against the wall,” Aisling said. “We’ve been surprised at the uptake so far, while it’s still modest, and only running for two weeks, we’ve doubled sales in week two and this week (week three) it is looking like we will double that again!”

    The Flanagans will deliver 6 x 450g pots of their fresh sheep’s milk yogurt, via courier for €30. The yogurt can be kept for at least 21 days. For more information and to put in an order, just click here.

    Just note that their sheep’s cheese is sold out and will be available again this coming summer.