Fun new ways to enjoy your morning porridge

    New healthy ways to eat porridge oats Easy Food

    Porridge is a bit of a love-it-or-hate-it kind of dish. There are definitely some serious advantages in choosing a bowl of porridge as your morning meal — it’s incredibly good for you, super cheap and low in fat and calories, while its high fibre content means slow release energy that keeps you full for hours. However, it’s easy to slip into a porridge rut, with the same toppings day after day spelling inevitable boredom.

    Whether you’re looking for some new ideas on jazzing up that morning bowl, or trying to drum up some interest in oats to begin with, it’s time to mix things up and get adventurous with your toppings.

    Following a gluten-free diet? Here’s what you need to know about porridge oats.


    Staying’ sweet

    It might not be an earth-shatteringly creative suggestion, but peanut butter and banana just works — especially when you use an unsweetened PB to balance out the sweetness of the banana. With a winning combo of protein, fibre and healthy fats, you definitely won’t need to snack before lunch.

    Peanut butter and banana oats Easy Food
    Chia seeds add extra fibre and protein, plus a little crunch!

    Other sweet suggestions include:

    • Chocolate hazelnut spread and crushed hazelnuts
    • Peanut butter and jam
    • Fresh berries, muesli and ricotta
    • Stewed apple and cinnamon
    • Dark chocolate and cherries
    • Yoghurt and honey
    • Coconut yoghurt, fresh mango and passion fruit
    • Cream, brown sugar and a splash of Irish whiskey (one for the weekend!)


    Overnight oats

    It’s not that long ago that overnight oats seemed to take over Instagram, and this is still the prepping method of choice for many. Check out these stunning fruit-and-fibre overnight oats for a breakfast that’s as good-looking as it is good for you.

    Fruit-and-fibre overnight oats Easy Food
    How pretty are these fruity breakfast cups?

    Savoury options

    The idea of sweet porridge is so firmly ingrained in our collective consciousness that many people forget that a savoury bowl is even an option, but oats have such a neutral flavour that they make a fantastic base for plenty of flavours. If the idea of a savoury breakfast doesn’t do it for you, savoury oats can also make a fantastic quick, healthy and cheap dinner option when you don’t have the energy for a more demanding dish.

    If you’re on the hunt for something luxurious, yet healthy, try this porridge with mushrooms, eggs and greens. It’s an intensely enjoyable umami-bomb, and the perfect way for lovers of savoury food to start the day.

    Kilbeggan organic porridge with mushrooms, eggs and greens Easy Food
    Everything’s better with an egg on top.

    In recent weeks, I’ve experimented with a few combinations: chicken stock, Parmesan, spinach and chilli flakes is my current fave; goat’s cheese and beetroot with a balsamic syrup drizzle was a pleasant, pretty-in-pink change; and you can’t go wrong with just a generous spoonful of peanut rayu.

    Other savoury suggestions include:

    • Roasted butternut squash, chilli flakes and ricotta
    • Pico de gallo, Cheddar and jalapeños
    • Bacon, Parmesan and fried onions
    • Sun-dried tomatoes, Mozzarella and basil
    • Spinach and leftover roasted vegetables


    Baked oats

    Why not do something completely different and bake your porridge? Not only is this an easy way to make breakfast for a group, it’s also the warm, healthy comfort food we all need right now.

    Baked berry chocolate oats | Easy Food
    Berries, bananas, nuts AND chocolate? Sign us up!


    Mix it up

    Don’t forget, porridge oats also make fantastic baked goods. Start your day with a slice or two of delicious, hearty porridge bread or homemade cereal bars, or bake a batch of oat cookies to go with your afternoon cuppa.

    Strawberry_Bars_Easy Food
    You’ll love these gorgeous homemade cereal bars.


    Still hungry for more?

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