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    Bacardi Cuatro rum Easy Food

    BACARDÍ, the world’s most awarded rum, introduced BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro, their first new liquid in 10 years, at an exclusive launch event in Dublin attended by sixth generation family member Adolfo Comas-Bacardí (as well as Easy Food!). Guests were treated to a prohibition-style party in a disused abattoir, with entertainment from acclaimed DJ Steve Manning.

    Adolfo Comas Bacardí Cuatro rum Easy Food
    Adolfo Comas Bacardí

    Adolfo Comas-Bacardí shared never-before-heard stories, including how his family retained ownership of their secret recipe despite being exiled from Cuba and ultimately how they partied through prohibition in the roaring ’20s.

    As the luxury spirit trend continues to grow, spirits enthusiasts are seeking out more premium, exceptional experiences. While rum was often only thought of as a spirit to be mixed in tropical drinks, BACARDÍ Cuatro will shed that image and introduce consumers to its more sophisticated, complex side.

    Cuatro (meaning ‘four’ in Spanish) pays homage to the brand’s iconic Cuban roots and nods to the fact that this liquid has been barrel-aged for a minimum of four years under the Caribbean sun.

    Inspired by BACARDÍ founder Don Facundo’s original Añejo recipe from 1862, BACARDÍ Cuatro is designed to create elevated, flavourful cocktails that make the rum stand out on its own. Using the “undisturbed aging method,” just like other BACARDÍ blends, Cuatro is fermented, distilled and then stored in American oak-aged barrels under the Caribbean sun for at least four years.

    With its mild notes of vanilla, toasted oak and honey, and golden apricot hue, BACARDÍ Cuatro is the perfect addition to a 1920s inspired drinks tray or shared with friends on a warm summer’s evening, best enjoyed with ginger ale.

    Find out more about the Bacardi family’s incredible heritage on Facebook.


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