Easy Food October has the best comfort food around

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    The latest edition of Easy Food will be in shops from the Saturday 26th September, packed with healthy recipes, spooky bakes, budget-friendly dinner ideas and a serious amount of comfort food. Read on to find out what’s in store…


    1. Good warming

    No matter how short on time you are in the mornings, you deserve to start your day with a warm, happy belly. Whether you’re running out the door in five minutes, working from home or enjoying a lazy weekend brunch, we’ve got a warm, hearty breakfast for you.

    Quick Spicy Scramble breakfast Easy Food
    These spicy scrambled eggs are sure to get your engines going.
    2. Doughnut worry, be happy

    If you’re looking for a kitchen project that’ll yield sweet, satisfying results, you could do a lot worse than check out our doughnut feature, including step-by-step instructions and top tips from Food Stylist Shannon, as well as recipes for a variety of fillings and glazes. (*makes Homer Simpson drooling noises)

    Chocolate coffee cake doughnuts Easy Food
    Homemade chocolate coffee cake doughnuts? YES, PLEASE.
    3. Budget-friendly favourites

    Money may on the tight side for many of us these days, but luckily at Easy Food we’re used to making the most out of a budget. You’ll find plenty of our usual affordable dinners scattered throughout this issue — the hardest part will be deciding what to make first.

    Braised beef Easy Food
    This braised beef is the ideal budget-friendly comfort food for cold evenings.
    4. Trick and treat

    We may not know exactly what Halloween will look like this year, but one thing is guaranteed — there will be baking! You’ll love getting spooked with our clever, crafty sweet treats.

    Spooky bakes Halloween spider cookies Easy Food
    Are you spooked yet?


    5. Piece of (vegan) cake

    Ireland’s smiliest twins, The Happy Pear, are making vegan baking easier with some gorgeous plant-based cake recipes.

    The Happy Pear Easy Food
    David and Stephen Flynn. Photo by Alistair Richardson.
    6. Flying solo

    Whether you live on your own, are in temporary self-isolation or simply find you have an evening to yourself, we’re firm believers that eating alone is no excuse for a less-than-delicious dinner. These lovely recipes are designed to be cooked and enjoyed by one happy person.

    One pan beans with eggs, spinach and bacon Easy Food
    One pan beans with eggs, spinach and bacon – perfectly sized for one person.
    7. Double trouble

    What’s better than one classic comfort food? Two classics, combined into one! From bangers and French onion mash to garlic bread Bolognese sloppy Joes, these remixed recipes are the over-the-top comfort food we all need right now.

    Buffalo chicken enchiladas Easy Food
    We’ve been busy introducing enchiladas to Buffalo chicken. You’re welcome.
    8. Go slow

    It’s that time of year again when we dust off the slow cookers to make the soups, stews and braises we crave. Our butcher pal Michael Fleming is sharing his top tips for buying the right cuts of meat and cooking them low and slow with perfect results.

    Slow cooker pulled pork chilli Easy Food
    You won’t believe how easy it is to create this slow cooker pulled pork chilli.
    9. Let’s hear it for the choi

    Pak choi is in season, in our kitchens and in this month’s issue. Enjoy it yourself with our collection of easy Asian-inspired recipes, all designed to keep the crunch intact.

    Udon noodle soup with pak choi Easy Food
    This udon noodle soup with pak choi is a thing of pure beauty.
    10. Simply Simon

    Previous guest editor Simon Delaney is back in the Easy Food Test Kitchen, sharing even more of his tasty and achievable dinner ideas.

    Korma by Simon Delaney Easy Food
    Simon Delaney’s easy chicken korma
    11. Scallion pancakes

    These flaky, savoury pancakes took Instagram by storm a few months ago. While making and eating many of them, we created this step-by-step technique that makes them easy for you to accomplish at home. Be sure to tag us if you post yours on social!

    Scallion pancakes Easy Food
    A fun kitchen project with a tasty end result.


    The October issue of Easy Food will be in shops from September 26th. Don’t miss your chance to get it into your kitchen!

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