Do you love beer? Then these new flavours are for you!

    Guinness Open Gate Brewery x Partizan Easy Food

    These new beers are undoubtedly pushing the boundaries of brewing. After trying them for ourselves, we can safely say that we were impressed with their unusual flavour profiles.

    Guinness Open Gate Brewery and London-based Partizan Brewing have combined their brewing credentials, expertise and passion for experimentation to brew three limited edition, aperitif-style beers unlike anything that’s come to the Guinness Open Gate Brewery before.

    Brewed to show the versatility of beer, the collaboration meets the rising demand for hybrid drinks with a unique twist for the beer scene. The new beers are inspired by the aperitivo trend borrowed from European eating and drinking culture and make the perfect drink for a tipple over the summer.

    La Brillante is a Champagne-style beer, a traditional Pilsner aged in Oloroso sherry barrels. The pour is beautifully presented in 750ml cork and cage Champagne bottles, and a definite corker when served chilled in 125ml flutes.

    L’Intensa, the most experimental of the three, is a rich, dark and complex botanical ale. With botanicals sourced from Santa Vittoria Italy, it features a complex mouth feel and is packed in 250ml bottle. This dark beer is best enjoyed sipped from a rocks glass.

    L’Amara is a bitter, dry and delicate botanical-infused Saison, which borrows taste notes from the Amaro highball, by name and by nature a bittersweet thirst quencher.

    The limited-edition beers will be available to purchase exclusively at Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Dublin.



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