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    Street Feast Easy Food

    On Sunday June 10th, over 120,000 people are expected to attend 1,344 Street Feast parties, in celebration of the 9th Annual Street Feast Day – the national day of street parties and local lunches.

    Started by a small team of volunteers in 2010, the celebration has been steadily growing since then, and this year there will be feasts taking part in every county in Ireland. It has grown to be an Irish local community-building initiative, with an all-for-fun, do-it-yourself, and not-for-profit ethos.

    In the words of Sam Bishop – of the founders and co-ordinators of Street Feast – ‘The fact that we have 1,344 Street Feasts happening this Sunday means that there is a huge appetite for neighbourliness and connection…Its also important that we reconnect our neighbourhoods after a long and divisive political campaign like the one that we have just seen. We need to continue these discussions about our future; about how we can build resilient and healthy communities that meet the needs of all people in Ireland.’

    The feasts are all-inclusive and age-friendly, and aim to encourage participation, strengthen community connections, and reduce isolation. In the spirit of the day, everyone is encourage to bring something to share – a dish, a chair, a tune, or anything they feel will help make the day one to remember.

    More information on either hosting or attending a Street Feast party is available here and we wish everyone the best of luck and a great day on Sunday!




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