Celebrate National Porridge Week – it’s just right!

    Celebrate National Porridge Week Easy Food

    We are now halfway through National Porridge Week, and that is definitely worth celebrating! Although we love porridge anyway, there’s something about a nice warm bowl of something you know is good for you that particularly cheers you up at the start of a cold Autumnal day.

    You can’t talk about porridge without mentioning Flahavans, and they’re on a mission to get the Irish public winter ready with their range of oat products. They’ve enlisted the help of brand ambassador Donal Skehan to create some warming winter recipes, and they’ve also commissioned a survey to find out how people prepare for the colder seasons.

    Firstly, while we do love complaining about the weather, the vast majority of us love the this time of the year for comfort food and getting cosied up in our sitting rooms. A huge 87% of us would happily put up with winter storms and snow again if it guaranteed another fabulous summer next year!

    To get through the storms and snow though, you have to be prepared! Topping up on home fuel, wellies, or snow boots were near the top of the nation’s winter ‘to-do’ list, and a hot water bottle is still our preferred source of extra heat! As for food, we all learned from the 2018 bread shortage during the ‘Beast from the East’ and are determined to stockpile the necessities this year. Top of the list? You guessed it, porridge!

    Porridge is the nation’s favourite winter warmer breakfast, with an amazing 97% of the vote! So since there’s a huge chance you’ll be interested in more ideas, recipes, and ways to celebrate porridge, check out the Flahavans Facebook page! Or, check out our own recipe for mixed berry overnight oats.


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