Are you a tea fan? Check out these new flavours!

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    If like us, you too drink copious amounts of tea each day, then you’ll be pleased to know that our beloved Barry’s have just released two new honey themed flavours!

    The first new flavour being Rooibos & Honey;

    A rich-tasting, full-bodied aromatic tea, made all the sweeter with the added taste of honey.

    The second new addition to their fruit and herbal tea infusions range is Camomile & Honey;

    A comforting and fragrant tea, perfect when you want to relax and unwind – now with added honey it’s perfect for a soothing break or late-night cup before bedtime.

    We love the unique undertone of sweetness honey adds, making it an excellent complement to many drinks and dishes, especially tea.

    The new Barry’s Tea options are available now in Dunnes Stores and Tesco nationwide or online from The Camomile & Honey tea box contains 20 tea bags and is priced at €2.25 RRP, while the Rooibos & Honey tea box contains 40 tea bags and is priced at €2.99 RRP.

    Switch out your regular brew and pick up a box of either the Barry’s Rooibos & Honey or Camomile & Honey tea today for a flavourful, refreshing hot beverage.


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