A new way to experience a wealth of quality fish

    www.fishtins.com new online tinned fish shop Easy Food

    We’re seeing the beginning of a new way to eat the best of fish here in Ireland. A new online fish tin shop is introducing Ireland to a growing selection of some of the oldest traditional canneries in the world, from Pointe de Penmarch (1920) in Brittany, Pollastrini (1889) in Italy, Olasagasti and Agromar in Cantabria Spain, Conservas Norte in Portugal, La Brujula from Galicia or El Capricho, overall winner at the 101 best canned products of the world.

    The business idea was born during the first lockdown of 2020. While most of the country was at home, the people at www.eatmorefish.ie were busy filleting and packing, providing an essential fish supply to thousands homes countrywide.

    With long hours, hard work and empty stomachs, they began rooting and looting their own store for healthy lunch options and eating the small selection of fish tins they had on offer.  “As lockdown went on, we began craving more variety and started trawling the internet for alternative fish tins. So many species, flavours, producers and unique designs… we wanted them all, and our tin collection started growing bigger and bigger,” explains Stefan Griesbach.

    With this growing collection, a new business idea was born; www.fishtins.com is a partnership between Vincent Corrigan and Stefan Griesbach, the pair behind the successful Eat More Fish online store.

    www.fishtins.com new online tinned fish shop Easy Food
    Stefan and Vincent of www.fishtins.com

    With a passion for fish, seafood and gastronomy, Parisian-born Stefan is the founder of Gannet Fishmongers in Galway with over 30 years seafood expertise, whilst Long Island born Vincent is an ex-chef and sea angler.

    Fish canning started 150 years ago to preserve perishable foods, long before the introduction of artificial flavourings, food preservatives and wasteful packaging. Like good wine, quality fish tins get even tastier as they age. Tinned fish is packed with protein, essential oils and other nutrients, offering a simple and tasty way to eat more healthily.

    “Frigate tuna, skipjack tuna, albacore tuna, blue fin, bigeye or yellowfin — not every tuna tastes the same,” Vincent says.

    “Some of our everyday tuna tins are perfect for a quick pescatarian office lunch, but others are so exceptional they deserve to be opened as a special moment. Wait till you taste some of our Cantabrian anchovies or pickled Galician mussels,” adds Stefan.

    To see the full collection, check out www.Fishtins.com and order yours directly to your door.