9 kitchen design trends you’ll absolutely love

    9 kitchen design trends you'll absolutely love

    Here’s nine of the best kitchen’s design trends of the moment that you will absolutely love. We promise.

    From avocado green appliances in the ‘70s to the ubiquitous white countertops and pine cabinetry from the ‘90s, kitchen design doesn’t always date well! Your kitchen should reflect your home’s personality and your tastes, rather than what’s on trend. Whether you’re shabby chic or monochrome modern, your space can be a lovely complement to the rest of your home with a few considered touches that won’t date quickly.

    1. Open shelving

    open shelving

    Kitchens are the perfect marriage of function and style, and open shelving is the epitome of this. Replacing tired-looking cabinetry with metal, wood or glass shelving is a sleek way to store items while making a bold, minimalist statement in the kitchen.

    2. White on white

    white on white

    White appliances with white cabinetry might seem plain, but it gives you a blank canvas to switch up accent pieces like small appliances, window treatments or hardware to suit your style.

    3. Pops of colour

    pops of color

    If you know you prefer more colour in your kitchen, a splash of colour on an accent wall or appliance adds a touch of drama and energy. When you’re opting for this, though, make sure it’s a piece or colour that will complement the rest of the room, as it is bound to become a focal point. Yellows and reds work well for modern looks, while rich greens are a favourite for cosier feels.

    4. Quartz coutnertops

    Quartz coutnertopsQuartz is the toughest countertop material, which resists scratches, burns, and chips. Crushed quartz stone is mixed with resin to produce countertops that range from solid colors to the look of real granite, but they’ll beat natural stone in toughness. It’s easy to maintain, and unlike granite, you don’t have to seal it annually to prevent stains.

    5. Transitional design

    transitional design

    Contemporary design champions sleek, clutter-free spaces, but it can also come across as cold. A transitional design blends contemporary and traditional, leaving you wiggle room to make it comfortable and lived-in while also modern and clean.

    6. Moody tone

    moody tone

    Ditch harsh lighting and instead opt for light fixtures that add a rich and moody tone to the room. Recessed lightling and under-cabinet fixtures are ideal for creating warm tones and help accent colours and details in your design.

    7. Hidden appliances

    Hidden appliances

    Keeping the refrigerator, oven or dishwasher out of sight is a guaranteed way to keep the kitchen looking sleek and stylish. An added bonus is that grubby or more outdated machines can be kept out of sight.

    8. Comfortable seating

    Comfortable seating

    The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms of the house, so why not make it cosy? Investing in comfortable seating is a great way to elevate the room from a purely functional setting, and they tend to increase the value of the room. We love the idea of built-in benches or banquette seating as a space for family and friends to gather — you can even add a few decorative throw pillows. If you have space, a decorative armchair away from the workflow of the kitchen is a lovely space for someone to relax with a cuppa.

    9. Hygge and minimal mindfulness

    Hygge and minimal mindfulness


    This Danish and Norwegian concept refers to cosiness and comfort mixed with feelings of wellness — everything you could want in your home kitchen! Aim to keep surfaces free from clutter, but retain personal, cosy touches around the room — soft throw blankets over chairs, candles or small plants are all ideal for bringing hygge into the room. One of our favourite ideas is to set up a warm drinks station: the kettle, coffee press, mugs and even a little tin with biscuits for the taking.


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