9 good reasons to love Easy Food February

    Easy Food cover image issue 145 February 2020

    Our February issue hits the shops this Friday – here’s why you need it in your kitchen…

    Roz Purcell

    Roz is back with a book of straightforward plant-based recipes, No-Fuss Vegan, and this month she’s in the Easy Food kitchen sharing some of those recipes as well as her best advice for anyone looking to eat less meat and more veggies.

    Roz Purcell Easy Food guest editor
    Photo credit: Joanne Murphy
    30-minute meals

    Short on time? No worries. These easy dinners come together in just 30 minutes, giving you more time for the important things… like eating them.

    Baked tomato gnocchi Mozzarella Easy Food


    Baking guru Shannon Peare is back with more tempting sweet treats and tips: this time, how to make the perfect cheesecake, whether you like yours baked or set. Her over-the top creations have to be seen to be believed.

    Rocky Road cheesecake Easy Food

    Understanding fats

    If you’re unsure which fats to avoid, which are good for you and which to avoid completely, we’re here to clear up any confusion and provide some tasty recipes rich in all the healthy fats your body needs.

    Salmon Avocado Tacos Easy Food

    Treat yourself

    Whether you’re flying solo or coupled-up, we’ve got all the Valentine’s Day indulgence that you need! Bake a tray of gooey cheesecake brownies, or simply seize a moment to yourself with a luxurious Baileys affogato. (Why not both?!)

    Love leeks

    We adore in-season leeks, and in this issue we’re sharing some gorgeous spring recipes making good use of their mild, sweet flavour. Just look at this stunning leek and Gruyère tart!

    Leek and Gruyere tart Easy Food

    Raise a glass

    Deputy Editor Jocelyn Doyle has been chatting to the lads at Wicklow Wolf — a brewery with a serious conscience when it comes to sustainability — about their roles as custodian of the land and their diligent approach to making amazing and creative beers. Sláinte!

    Curry night

    The weather’s still on the chilly side, but we’ve got everything you need to warm up in our special feature packed with delicious and so-simple curry recipes! Whatever your style, we’ve got a curry for you.

    Chicken katsu curry Easy Food

    On the flip side

    Flip out with our Pancake Tuesday recipes, whether you’re starting from the basics or on the hunt for something decadent.

    The February issue of Easy Food hits shops on Friday 24th February – don’t miss out!

    Easy Food cover image issue 145 February 2020