9 easy satay dishes you’ll want to eat every week

    Chicken_Satay_Banh_Mi_Easy food
    Whether you like classic South-East Asian skewers, Chinese takeaway-style satay sauce or are on the hunt for something a little different, you’ve come to the right place.



    Let’s start with traditional satay, as it’s known in Malaysia and Thailand: chargrilled meat skewers, often served with a dipping sauce. This pork fillet version is lean and tender, marinated in a flavoursome peanut sauce and served with a refreshing cucumber salad.

    Pork satay skewers | Easy Food
    Perfect on the barbecue, or cooked indoors on a griddle pan.

    If you prefer chicken to pork, try these tasty skewers with a fresh coriander carrot salad and creamy peanut sauce.

    chicken satay with coriander carrots Easy Food
    Add rice to make this a full dinner!


    Fancy incorporating that classic peanut sauce into a stir-fry? Check out this flavoursome pork recipe, ideal for a speedy midweek meal.

    Pork satay stir-fry
    Quick, tasty, healthy — sign us up!

    For a homemade fakeaway favourite, try this Chinese takeaway-style king prawn satay stir-fry.

    Prawn satay Easy Food
    Hello, Friday night fakeaway!

    Don’t eat meat? No problem — this veggie satay stir-fry is every bit as full of flavour.

    Veggie satay stir-fry | Easy Food
    Colourful and crunchy, you’ll love this meat-free option.

    When you’re in the mood for building a beautiful bowl of food, why not treat yourself (and your Instagram feed!) to these gorgeous vegan tofu satay bowls?

    Vegan tofu satay bowls
    These lovely rice bowls are every bit as delicious as they are healthy.

    When it’s one of those nights when you have “nothing in the house,” this satay fried rice is a fantastic storecupboard supper.

    Satay_Fried_Rice_easy Food
    Raid the cupboard and the freezer for this so-simple budget dinner.

    Special occasions

    Next time you’re on the hunt for a tasty canapé option, try these prawn satay cups — they make great party nibbles.

    You’ll love the combination of spices in this canapé recipe.

    For a casual meal that’s still super impressive, pull together these stunning chicken satay bánh-mì sandwiches — a mash-up of South-East Asian flavours that’s sure to wow your guests, and looks pretty, too.

    Chicken_Satay_Banh_Mi_Easy food

    Whichever iteration of satay you choose, be sure to tag us on social media — we love to see what you’re cooking.