8 money saving lunch ideas for January

    Moroccan chicken soup

    Let’s face it – January is usually a tough time of year for everyone’s bank balance and, when it comes to saving money, every little helps.

    If you want to give yourself a fright, have a look at your bank statement and check how much you spend per month on lunches and coffees!

    We’ve provided a list of eight quick and easy lunch ideas that you can revisit time and time again if you’re looking to cut down on food costs.

    1. On-the-go chicken wrap

    Here’s a DIY alternative for all you burrito lovers out there.

    On-the-go chicken wraps Easy Food

    2. Moroccan chicken soup

    This spicy soup will see you through the coldest of January conditions. It’s so handy too — you’ll definitely get a few lunches out of one batch.

    Moroccan chicken soup Easy Food

    3. Spicy soy chicken

    Super easy to make and so tasty — plus, you’re likely to find most, or all, of the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

    spicy soy chicken 2

    4. Chicken pesto pizzas

    Chicken, pesto AND pizza all in one. How could you not?!?

    Chicken pesto pizza Easy Food

    5. Warming turkey and potato pie

    We’re all about meals you can prep to keep you going for days in advance, and this turkey and potato pie is a really simple one that’s packed with flavour, too. Hello, leftovers.

    turkey pie

    6. Turkey club salad

    Looking for a lighter lunch? Give this turkey club salad a whirl and you won’t be disappointed.

    Turkey club salad Easy Food

    7. Easy turkey curry

    Tired of a run-of-the-mill chicken curry? Mix it up by trying this tasty alternative.

    Basic chicken curry Easy Food

    8. French dip sandwich 

    Feeling a bit fancy? Try your hand at making your very own gourmet lunch cuisine.

    French dip sandwich Easy Food

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