8 dishes that will transport your tastebuds to Spain

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    We can’t travel right now, but our tastebuds can! Use your mealtimes to transport yourself to more exotic surroundings — from the safety of your kitchen. First on the itinerary: sunny Spain



    No trip to Spain would be complete without a dish of paella, a classic all-in-one dish that’s easy to recreate at home.Perfect paella Easy Food

    If prawns aren’t your thing, don’t worry — this straightforward chicken and chorizo version is just as tasty. If you have a nice bottle of Rioja or Tempranillo, all the better.

    Chicken and chorizo paella Easy Food


    Patatas bravas

    Everyone’s favourite tapas dish, patatas bravas satisfies our near-constant craving for the humble spud and makes an ideal side dish for any summery meal. This easy at-home version is baked rather than fried, keeping things light without a compromise on flavour.

    Patatas bravas Easy Food


    Tapas frittata

    Whether for brunch, lunch or dinner, a frittata is a great way to combine your favourite ingredients into one protein-packed dish. This one is inspired by some of Spain’s most famous flavours — just add a hunk of crusty bread and enjoy.

    Tapas frittata Easy Food


    Roasted fish with lemon and olives

    Not only is this dish light and flavoursome, it’s good for your heart, too. Lean into summer cooking with the simple combination of fresh fish, salty olives and zingy citrus.

    Roasted fish with olives Easy Food


    Baked hake with chorizo crumb crust

    For a heartier way to enjoy white fish, try this gorgeous baked hake, combining Spanish chorizo and a rich tomato sauce. Add some green beans and roasted spuds for a complete meal (and don’t tell anyone how easy it was to pull together!).

    Baked hake with a chorizo crumb crust | Easy Food


    And to drink…

    There’s never been a better time to make this summer fruit sangria. Our top tip? Use frozen berries and eliminate the need for ice!Summer fruit sangria Easy Food

    For a unique and elegant twist on the classic sangria, whip up a pitcher of this peach and thyme version instead!

    Peach_Sangria_Easy Food

    We hope you enjoy your virtual trip to Spain. Next up? Italia!