7 tips to be your own barista at home

    Tassimo My Way 2 Coffee Machine

    If you’re a coffee lover, why not learn the top ways to be your own barista at home? Enjoy a wide variety of drinks, from creamy lattes to uplifting americanos and indulgent hot chocolates. TASSIMO offers handy pods (also known as T-DISCS) for over 70 drinks; choose your favourite classic or creative coffee options from 11 well known brands, including COSTA, Kenco, L’OR and Cadbury’s. TASSIMO brews your favourite coffee shop quality drinks at the touch of a button, using smart technology to do the work for you — a very important consideration when you stumble into the kitchen first thing in the morning!

    Tips for creating barista-style coffee at home
    1. Store your T-DISCs in a cool dry cupboard to keep them at their best.
    2. Keep your equipment clean. For best results, clean your TASSIMO coffee machine on a regular basis.
    3. Use the right water. Good-quality water gives you good-quality coffee. If your tap water has a strong odour or taste (such as chlorine), use filtered water instead. If you do use tap water, let it run a few seconds before filling your coffee machine. Always use cold water to fill your machine.
    4. Experiment with different products. With such a wide range of coffee options available, do some experimentation to find what works for you. You might find that you need a L’OR XL Classique Americano to rev those engines in the morning, but later in the day you crave a sweet treat, perhaps in the form of a Costa Iced Caramel Latte.
    5. Use the right cup or mug. Add to your experience by using a suitably-sized vessel for your coffee. A small glass with a handle is an elegant way to enjoy a L’OR Espresso Splendente, while a wide cup works well for a Kenco Cappuccino.
    6. Warm it up. Heating your cup with boiling water before making your coffee will keep it hot for longer. This is particularly useful for those who enjoy lingering over longer coffee drinks. Our hot tip? Don’t waste the water once your cup has heated up; you can simply pour it back into your kettle for future use.
    7. Make it yours. Don’t be afraid to experiment with added extras. Try stirring grated chocolate or ground spices into your coffee, garnishing with a cinnamon stick or topping with whipped cream.


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    Why TASSIMO?

    TASSIMO brews your favourite coffees at the touch of a single button for quick, easy use. With a quick scan of the barcode on the T-DISC, the machine’s Intellibrew barcode technology automatically adjusts the brewing time, water intake and temperature to precision, ensuring that you get coffee shop quality every time.

    TASSIMO machines are incredibly easy to use, with one-touch operation and no heat-up time required. Simply load a T-DISC made with real ground coffee, press “Start,” and the system will automatically create the perfect drink. Intellibrew really does do all the work for you. Machines are available in all good electrical retailers. Pods are available in Tesco, Dunnes Stores, SuperValu, Centra, Londis and Spar, or — for the extensive full range — visit TASSIMO.ie. Prices start from just €5.49 RRP for 16 drinks.*


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