7 practical tips to set your Christmas table

    How to set the Christmas table

    Here are 7 practical tips to set your Christmas table that are very easy to make but will delight your guests.

    1. Firstly, have a look at the recipes which can be prepared a day or two in advance and get out all of your big serving dishes according to the food you choose.
    2. Pick a colour scheme and stick to it (three colours is a good amount). But remember you can also to mix and match by using different styles of crockery and glassware to create a distinct look.
    3. The centrepiece is the focus of your table: forage for greenery to use as a centrepiece, it can be sprigs of rosemary tied in a bundle or small pots of flowers to add a touch of colour.
    4. Add a place name to each setting to make each guest feel special with a tiny keepsake such as a Christmas cracker or a little gift. Creating homemade place settings can be a great way to welcome your guests to the table and adds a personal touch – name place cookies can be an idea (wrap up in cellophane and tie with pretty ribbons).
    5. Real linen napkins always add a sense of occasion: lace them in a napkin holders that match your theme you chose.
    6. With your oven full and hob space limited, it’s a good idea to choose a cold starter – Place a big wooden board in the middle of the table and let everyone tuck in. A sharing platter of classic prawn cocktail, cheesy veggie sausage rolls or smoked salmon terrine are all great ideas.
    7. Your centrepiece will be the focus of the table, but you don’t want it to use up valuable space. Pick candelabras or vases with narrow bases so you can still have plenty of space for the food. Set up a small table or sideboard as a bar close to your dining table. Make sure to have a selection of drinks, glasses, ice and spare napkins so you don’t have to leave the table and enjoy the conversation.


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